The Schmidt Show

Brad Schmidt is a talk show host with a purpose.  When he first started in talk radio he said that he wanted to make talk radio a force for good.  Over the years he has worked diligently to do just that.  Whether delivering a fiery and passionate soliloquy, railing against the evils of communism and socialism, or laughing along with his listeners about their silly life stories, he relates to and connects with his audience better than anyone.  Having been everything from a truck driver to a mechanic and a computer tech to a pastor, Brad has a unique ability to bring a new perspective to nearly any topic.  He can tell you how to fix your car and give you marriage advice.  He can wax eloquent about tax policy and even walk you through replacing your computer’s hard drive.  So no matter who you are or what you believe you’ll find a home on The Schmidt Show and even if you hate him, you’ll still love listening to Brad Schmidt.