Rep. Bucshon to Newsmax: Biden’s Family Should Urge Him to ‘Drop Out’

Rep. Larry Bucshon, R-Ind., told Newsmax on Monday that “it’s pretty clear to see” that President Joe Biden is struggling with a decline in cognition.

“The American people are seeing it,” Bucshon, who is also a medical doctor, said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “You don’t have to have a special counsel report to recognize that the president has some level of mental impairment. I’ve recently been through this with my mother. I think it’s honestly a sad situation. I think people around the president, particularly his family, need to recognize this.

“Honestly, he needs to drop out of the presidential race. I think that the president clearly has some level of impairment, and I’m worried about that from a national security standpoint, but more, I’m worried about the president himself and his family. This is really something that they should be telling him to drop out of this race.”

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