Political Commentator Klug: Victim of Fraud in Recall Election

Political commentator James Klug said Tuesday he was a victim of “voter fraud” in the California recall election.When Klug showed up to vote in person he was told by an election official that a ballot had already been cast in his name by mail. Klug was allowed to cast a provisional ballot which will then cancel out the previously cast mail-in ballot, he was told.He posted a video talking about what happened on Instagram.”Universal mail-in ballots are garbage. VOTE IN PERSON,” Klug warned. “@jpmohr and I went to go vote today. I found out that someone stole my universal mail-in ballot and voted for me. Californians deserve better. VOTE.”Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is fighting to remain in office, with Tuesday as the last day of voting, and a slew of mostly Republican candidates hoping to oust him. Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is far ahead in the polls among the contenders.Elder’s lead gave Newsom a scare, and he has in the final days of the campaign brought in Democratic big guns to campaign on his behalf, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, a California native. The latest polls show Newsom gaining ground.But Elder’s camp has been alleging voter fraud, with Democrats and members of the mainstream press calling it all a continuation of former President Donald Trump’s tactics to overturn the 2020 presidential election.Klug posted audio of his discussion with an election worker, asking whether he could find out who the person who cast the ballot in his name voted for and how often such events had happened. A woman on the audio says it is not possible to find out how the other ballot was cast, and though they have seen other incidents of ballots cast before people showed up in person to vote, they have been few.Klug urged voters to show up in person to vote to ensure their votes are counted, as his was. “It makes shady crap like this more and more difficult,” he said.

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